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2 IN 1 Daily Mopping and Cleaning Bathroom

Quick Drying, No trace of any white stains

Coating Solution contained, keep the floor and sanitary wares clean and shine

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Daily Wipe-Wash Products, “The Klean” has 2 features in a single product:
1. Suitable for Daily Mopping, such as marble, granite, tile, etc. It is a product that contains a hard coat material SEALER. When mopping, the floor will be clean and shiny. And fresh scent given.
2. Good for Daily Bathroom Cleaning, gives a pleasant scent able to deodorize fishy smell, making the bathroom clean and maintain sanitary ware shiny.


For General Surfaces: In case of mopping, use the daily cleaning product, pour The Klean 2 lids and mix with 1⁄2 bucket of water (20 liters).

For Bathrooms: In the case of cleaning bathroom, Mix 4 lids of The Klean with 1⁄2 bucket of water (20 liters), beat until it foamy. Pour on bathroom’s floor and scrub as usual. Then rinse with clean water and wipe to dry. Bathroom floor and sanitary wares will be polished.

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