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  • Sealer Brith is a floor coating product to make the floor shiny, it is easy to coat, quick drying and resistant to scratch. It can coat different types of floors such as rubber tile, marble floor, wooden floor, etc.

    ขนาด : 1,000 ml - 3,800 ml - 30,000 ml
  • Spaclean Scurf Remover is the product for laundry usage regards as grime and stains elimination. It whitening fabric without any blemishes.

    ฿350.00 ฿175.00
    ขนาด : 3,800 ml - 30,000 ml
  • Antibacterial and garbage deodorize “Mokoge” is a solution which completely disintegrate unpleasant smell. This product can kill bacterial that cause bad smell especially the area where a lot of garbage located. It can also use to spray in the empty smelly trash bin. Pour into unpleasant smell drain pipe. This product does not cause any harm to user and residue free.

    ขนาด : 3,800 ml - 30,000 ml