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  • Remove grease stains, wax stains, ingrained stain on the surface, such as rubber tiles, terrazzo floors, leather stains, leather upholstery stains, rubber glue stains, oil or grease stains from cooking.

    ฿145.00 ฿99.00
    ขนาด : 500 ml
  • Remove concrete stain, water color, and other dirt stain.
    “No smoke, Does not sting nose” Camphor scent, insect repellent.
    “No destroy or erode” tile and other sanitary ware.

    ฿220.00 ฿145.00
    ขนาด : 1,000 ml - 3,800 ml - 20,000 ml
  • Handyman Glass Cleaner use for cleaning and removing grease. It makes mirrors clean and clear. Suitable for mirrors, windows, glass door and cars’ mirrors

    ฿145.00 ฿109.00
    ขนาด : 500 ml - 5,200 ml - 20,000 ml
  • “Class Clean X-II” (for intense stains) is a product used for cleaning water stains, mortar, rust, scale, water color stains that attach on ceramic tile floors, including grooves tile, sand floor, gravel by the pool, cement floor, stainless steel faucet, metals and sanitary ware.

    ฿359.00 ฿259.00
    ขนาด : 1,000 ml - 3,800 ml